Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8, 2013: Sunday Showdown!

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Clockwise from the bottom left:
  • Every once in a while Leroy will push the antagonism envelope just a bit too far and end up with a shiner for his efforts. I bet if he really tried, he could even get the Pope to sock him in the face. I am impressed by whatever obnoxious behavior Leroy engaged in at the theater to drive a performer to assault an audience member. This is like the ballet equivalent to the "Malice in the Palace". Also, props to the angry ballerina; the Lockhorns usually sit way up in the balcony seats. If she actually managed to ding Leroy all the way up there, that is some serious accuracy. Loretta gets the point and takes a 1-0 lead.
  • I initially thought Leroy was just wishing out loud about his morning cereal, but then I caught Loretta's unhappy expression and got that it was Loretta's usual bad cooking. The green colored pieces should have been an immediate clue. While there obviously isn't a literal prize at the bottom of the bowl, maybe the prize Leroy is looking for is the sweet release of death from severe food poisoning. Leroy scores a point and ties the game up 1-1.
  • Jokes about the ubiquity of Starbucks, that's about as fresh and timely as Loretta's giant flip cell phone (which I find  a bit baffling since she has shown before that she owns a modern smartphone). If I put in the research perhaps I could narrow down the Starbucks heavy Long Island location the Lockhorns are in. Loretta will be waiting out in the cold for a long time if she think Leroy is going to follow her demand to meet up with her. It's a push, the day is still knotted 1-1.
  • The rise of social media along with smartphones and tablets must have made Leroy's Loretta ignoring efforts so much more easier. It must be a total godsend for him. Unfortunately this increase ease in shutting out Loretta via digital distractions has not translated overall into more victories for Leroy. For Leroy (and many businesses today) proper utilization of social media is critical for success. Leroy's tech savvy shunning scores him a point and gives him a 2-1 lead.
  • Though she does all the time to some degree, here Loretta's mother looks especially like a member of the first Continental Congress from her powdered wig-like hair down to her 18th century leggings and shoes. Maybe she works part time as a historical reenactor? That would explain a lot. In an uncommon display of clutch play, Leroy manages to seal the deal by insulting Loretta and addressing Loretta's mother's hatred of him. Leroy gets the point and takes the day 3-1.
Official Count:
Leroy - 113
Loretta - 145
Push - 84

Sunday Showdown Count:
Leroy - 13
Loretta - 21
Push - 15

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