Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013: Sunday Showdown!

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Clockwise from the bottom left:
  • Judging by the simmering rage on Loretta's face, it looks like Leroy's status will not change anytime soon. Since there's no actual "in the doghouse" option (to the best of my knowledge, but who knows, they're always changing things up) I'm going to assume he set it to "it's complicated". Oh how Leroy must yearn to one day to change his status to "not in a relationship" or possibly have his account deactivated all together because he is deceased. While sweet freedom from Loretta remains an impossible fantasy, he can at least enjoy the point he's earned and the early 1-0 lead.
  • This panel feels like a natural continuation of the previous one, though now it's time for Loretta to get in her complaints. There are many things that are wrong with the Lockhorns' marriage (in fact, just about everything is wrong with their marriage) but I didn't expect Loretta's over qualification to be one of the issues. Objectively the Lockhorns are perfectly made to hate each other; it's a truly perverse bond. Though if we're going by "Lockhorn vs. Lockhorn" victories than Loretta is in another league. Loretta gets the point and ties the game up 1-1.
  • I don't know about you but when I read this, I tried to think of potential songs with lyrics that could double as GPS instructions (the beginning of "Irreplaceable" by BeyoncĂ©? "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band?). Whatever instructions she took, it certainly looks like Loretta has doled out a lot of damage. I can't tell if she's holding her purse or a mangled steering wheel, both are plausible. Unfortunately for Leroy, he is just too horrified by Loretta's actions that he can't even make an easy insult. It's a push. The score remains 1-1.
  • Despite often being able to feature the names of various Long Island businesses, it seems that the local Hooters (most likely the one in Farmingdale) has declined the Lockhorn spotlight, necessitating the parody location. They should have gone to Canz in Westbury. Leroy should employ this tactic more often, seek out the nearest brestaurant to hunker down in while Loretta does her shopping. It sure beats holding her purse near the changing rooms. Leroy gets the point and takes a 2-1 lead.
  • Leroy knows that no matter how outrageous his indiscretions are, no matter how poorly he fails as a husband or even civilized adult, he can automatically quell Loretta's anger at him with a trip to the mall. It's easy and effective, but one has to wonder if the cost is worth it. Today, his apology purchase of a new outfit not only cost him money but also a Sunday Showdown victory. If Leroy ever wants to win a year, he'll have to be tougher. Loretta gets the point and ends the day on a 2-2 push.
Official Count:
Leroy - 110
Loretta - 144
Push - 81

Sunday Showdown Count:
Leroy - 12
Loretta - 21
Push - 15

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