Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 15, 2013: Sunday Showdown!

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Clockwise from the bottom left:
  • Man, I would be much more excited about going to the opera if they threw in some t-shirt canons during the intermission. I know it's a cheap way to generate audience support, but I always manage to get a psyched whenever the launchers come out at a sporting event. A fellow t shirt gun loving friend of mine once looked online to see if he could buy one, but as it turned out they are crazy expensive. I salute you Leroy for dreaming big. Unfortunately I also have to give Loretta the point for pointing out your ridiculous suggestion. Loretta leads 1-0.
  • This is a rare reversal for the Lockhorns. I cannot remember the last time Leroy was visiting Loretta in the hospital. We all know Leroy's general clumsiness, dangerously inept home improvement skills, and propensity to get into fights with everyone make him a frequent visitor to the ER; but what could have landed Loretta in the hospital? I'm going to assume her head injury was due to a particularly severe car accident, no doubt caused by her. Despite her retrograde amnesia she still manages to vaguely recall and diss Leroy; quite impressive. Loretta scores another point and surges to a 2-0 lead.
  • There are few less welcoming places than the Lockhorns home. They make North Korea look like Disneyland (hmm...sounds like the kind of one liner Loretta would drop). Leroy should focus on simple jabs like these to improve his standings. Sometimes I think he might be over thinking his insults (and with Leroy it doesn't take much to over think...zing, number two!). Objects of ridicule are everywhere, he just needs to be observant. Leroy earns a point and trails Loretta 2-1.
  • It shouldn't be all that difficult for Loretta to determine which presents are from Leroy since they are the only ones giving presents to each other. Who else would bother sending the Lockhorns are gift that isn't a flaming bag of dog poo? In a way there's a sort of romantic quality to how the Lockhorns only have each other to get presents from. In Leroy's defense, those shopping bags at least have some degree of festive colored flair. It's not like he just shoved everything in one huge plastic bag. Though Loretta would get a point here, Leroy's absence means I can only rule this a push. Still, Loretta leads 2-1 as we head into the final panel.
  • Look at Leroy, being shockingly topical. I actually found his drone joke to be pretty clever. It is the sort of pun that is way out of character for him. I do wonder if we were on the other side of the room would we hear nothing but animated insults about Leroy coming from Loretta. Is it just a fortunate twist of perspective that turns a point for Loretta into a point for Leroy and vice-versa? There is an undeniable element of luck when it comes to "Lockhorn vs. Lockhorn", here it shined on Leroy. Leroy gets a point and ties the day at 2-2.
Official Count:
Leroy - 114
Loretta - 147
Push - 88

Sunday Showdown Count:
Leroy - 13
Loretta - 21
Push - 16

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