Friday, December 31, 2010

A Note from the Editor

A new year is coming upon us and many lingering "Lockhorn vs. Lockhorn" lovers may be happy to know that I did not forget my promise, when I went on hiatus in November, to return in 2011 with a new "Lockhorn vs. Lockhorn" format. It has been a magical, wonderfully contentious, deeply bitter year and half long ride, but I feel I've gone as far as I could go with the old post and analysis format and thought perhaps a slight change was in order.

What exactly will be this new look for 2011? It's really not that huge of an overhaul. I'll still keep a running year long tally of who is getting the upper hand in the Lockhorns' eternal domestic struggle (I'm thinking Leroy may be due this year), but I wanted to change up my approach to the panels. So rather than posting them and writing my usual rambling analysis and conjecture, I wanted to really go to the heart of the comic and deconstruct every insult, bad pun, sarcastic commentary, petty jab, etc. down its simplest form. It sounds a little complicated but it's really just me writing over the captions to explain the joke; I'm doing it partially because it's easier than writing out all those long paragraphs.

Fans of the old format however, should take heart, I am keeping the old "Sunday Sundowns" (unless of course I fall behind and get overwhelmed by them and give up halfway through the year) so you can get your fix of vintage "Lockhorn vs. Lockhorn".

So that's basically my plan for the upcoming year, we'll have to see if I can actually execute it for the next 12 months or if I just end up scrapping the whole project all together (man, daily exposure to the Lockhorns really saps one's optimism). Best of luck to Leroy and Loretta and here's to a new year and a new round of bouts.